“Vote Like Your Life Depends On It” – Pete Buttigieg to LGBTQ+ Youth

The first openly gay candidate for presidency, Pete Buttigieg, says that he’s got only one thing to tell young LGBT+ community members before the election: vote.

The gay mayor from Indiana who was a surprising break-out star of the earlier race for the Democrats, Pete Buttigieg, stood after Joe Biden. Looks like everything fits to make Trump leave the White House this time.  

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In his The Guardian interview, the 38-year-old candidate expressed his thoughts on the perception of the upcoming election in the USA: it is both political and much personal to him.

Buttigrieg says: “When you see your own rights come up for debate, when you know something as intimate and central to your life as the existence of your family is something that is not supported by your president, and certainly your vice-president, it’s painful.”

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Although Donald Trump claims about LGBT+ rights support, Buttigieg noted one thing. He said that he and his husband are both aware about the fragility of the rights they can enjoy.

Additionally, the candidate said that he’s “mindful every day” about the possibility of their marriage to appear “by the grace of one vote on our Supreme Court”.

Source: www.theguardian.com

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